27 agosto 2007

Absolutamente Vital

It's time the tale were told
Of how you took a child
And you made him old

The Smiths, Reel Around the Fountain

That boy was always up to no good
Smoking pot and playing pool
In the afternoon
Unemployed and high

We're going through the changes
Hoping for a replacement
Untill we find a way out of this hole

Josh Rouse, 1972

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sandra torres disse...

Excelente escolha de imagem e excertos de letras. Concordo e acrescento:

Hipsters unite
Come align for the big fight to rock for you
But beware
All those angels with their wings glued on
'cause deep down
We are frightened and we're scared
If you don't stare

"Cherub Rock", The Smashing Pumkins, Siamese Dream, 1993